Systems for protecting and archiving data

Today, all the data that we have stored on the computer, as well as at home as in the company, are very important to us. To some of us has already an image, we have saved as a desktop wallpaper, high importance to us; while others protect the documents, they made for hours. Resultantly, more and more data is saved on the computer, which we do not want to lose.

Planning and implementation of data backup is a complex process that has to be tackled planned and systematically. In the case of data backup, we protect them against changes, transformations and deletions.It is necessary to protect the physical systems, the operating environments and applications through all levels of the infrastructure. They must protect the different kinds of data types. From email to business documents and financial secrecy, from digital photos to audio and video files. And they must ensure that the interaction – of links participating environments and flowing data are protected during use.

Advantages of making backup copies:

  • protection against data loss,
  • the possibility of reopening intentionally or unintentionally changed data,
  • the possibility of storage and restoration of various types of data,
  • continuous data availability,
  • continued ability to obtain information about the physical location of the selected data,
  • the possibility of additional archival data storage.

The choice of the software equipment, the contractor, implementation, support and selection of appropriate maintenance, are the key to the success of the project and a reliable operation. Based on the results of the analysis, a plan for data backup is produced, that is the basis of the whole system implementation and data protection policy. The plan, however, includes measurable business requirements, infrastructure requirements, procedures and instructions.