IP Telephony

Enter the world of modern telephone communications and save.

IP-telephony (often also the VoIP, Internet telephony) is a system for voice communication over a computer network.

Among the biggest advantages of IP telephony in comparison with the traditional telephony can be considered the layout flexibility and scalability, which allows the system growth along with the company. There is also not to neglect the fact that all internal calls between connected phones are without costs, no matter of the layout location.

Due to the centralized structure of the IP telephone network, are only required connections of external lines at a single location. This allows optimal control of calls to target phone network, which reduces the cost of each call up to 10 times.

The connection of additional phones is simple and quick, as well it does not require additional monthly or licensing costs, and the settings can be by enabled access also remotely solved.

A great advantage of such a system is a relatively easy adaptation, which is not just limited to beforehand assured functionality. Optionally, the system can be adapted and integrated into business processes or connected to the existing infrastructure.

Benefits of IP telephony in comparison to traditional telephony:

  • Lower prices of telephone conversations

Internal calls in your telephone network are free regardless of the location. In practice, this means that you can call from Ljubljana a colleague in New York, who is connected to the same network, and you will not pay a penny for the call. The cost of calls outside your network can be in comparison to the traditional telephony lower up to 10 times. The investment in IP telephony will be refunded to you already within one to three years.

  • One network location

IP telephone network has a centralized structure, requiring the connection of external lines at a single location.

  • Telephone system grows together with your business

Due to the design on established open standards, your telephone central office will not become obsolete and will not be limited by the number of connections, not even with the manufacturer of IP telephones. Further extensions may be added gradually and allow the system growth together with the company. When connecting additional phones, no increased monthly or licensing costs appear.

  • The ability to integrate into existing business processes

Such a system is relatively easy to adapt to, and is not limited to an advanced possible functionality. The system can be adapted and integrated into business processes of the company or connect to an existing infrastructure (CRM systems, call centres, ERP, etc.) and take advantage of all your technical tools in order to achieve the most significant objective – the satisfaction of your customers.

  • You’ll never “lose” an incoming call

Each call will be answered with a welcome message or voice mail, even outside the working hours. Keeping accurate statistics of calls and call recordings allow you an overview of the activities of the employees and the analysis of conversations. The telephone operator can effectively respond and transfer incoming calls intelligently allocated by IP central office between operators. While waiting, the user gets information about its place in the queue and about the estimated waiting time to a free the operator.