Development of applications and web sites

We offer unlimited range of services that will be optimally arranged for you and your services or products.

The most important part of the service is the analysis of your wishes and the market situation, competition analysis, a detailed analysis of your product or service and ultimately planning, which is essential.

Based on the findings, we will accordingly to your budget, help you to choose the solution and to such an extent you actually need.

We offer you the production of the corporate image or brand and help the launch on the market. Do you need a complicated web portal or a simple presentation site? You may even decide for online advertising. We will advise you where to advertise, how to advertise, and most importantly, where not to spend money, because we will help you save many euros with our extensive experience.

The graphic image that you order from us will convince your customers that your product or service has high quality and is trustworthy. Our experience with analysing the habits and preferences of customers in countless fields will yield results, which you will be proud of.

Your web project will include an editor with which you can yourself add and modify content. Of course, we will also train you in this. Or you decide to let us to edit. We can take care with the turn-key services. You will leave concerns to us, so that you can devote to what you do best.

Do you plan a mobile app, but do not know how to do it, or you may already have a well-defined plan of how it should look? In either case we can provide support and assistance in the planning and realization of your ideas.
Are you a small store that wants to sell its products or an already established trade network, which aims to improve your sales? For each, we have customized solutions.

Want to save money? With a personal approach, we will be able to advise where and how to explain what traps may be waiting. You may not know that you will need for an online store general terms and conditions and a security certificate for payments. For you, we can buy a domain and provide you with a web space, which will also be maintained on a regular basis. Would you like to regularly update the website, in order that it will never become obsolete? Or a site that will simply work. We will retain the information for you and optionally restore it for you as well.

Do you want to appear in the search engines in order that your potential customers find you easily? We’ll tell you how. We will not sell a cat in the sack. Basic optimization for browsers that others would charge from you is with us within the price, without hidden costs.

If you’re still unsure, you will be glad to hear that among our references are the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Regional Museum Ptuj, the Institute Friends of Youth Maribor, the European centre of Maribor, the Rotary Club Castle Maribor, the Association of Industrialists Maribor, judoist Urška Žolnir, musician Adriana Magdovski and a long list of established companies as well as various individuals, who trust us.

We can pride oneself with the marketplace of industrial equipment and agricultural machinery, as well with a portal for managers of residential facilities, who offer iiPortal to their customers in order that you can control the consumption amount of your apartment and of the building where you live.

What can we offer you therefore? Almost everything! Ask us. We work with a wide range of partners, who will advise you further where we may not.