Classical or operational leasing

  • Without a deposit.
  • From 12 to 60 months (rations).
  • Without approval costs 75 EUR excluding VAT up to 5000 EUR excluding VAT.
  • Approval in 2 hours!
  • Minimum value of the equipment from 500 EUR up!

Classical or operational leasing is a form of purchase financing, where the lessor buys the subject matter of leasing from the lessee and gives him the subject to use. By the classical leasing can the lessee become the owner of the subject after the payment of the redemption value at the end of the leasing period, or get the possibility of buying during the lease duration.

Classical leasing enables the companies more opportunities due to the indirect impact on the rapid adaptation of businesses to market needs, as well as a rapid increase of competitiveness and productivity.

This form of financing is intended for: all forms of legal person, who care for their competitiveness by investing in capital assets and use bank loans for short-term working capitals.

By the classical lease the lessee shall receive the following options before or after the conclusion of the contract:

  • the return of the object at the end of the leasing period,
  • redemption possibility at the end of the leasing period,
  • replacement for a newer subject under the same conditions after the expiry of the lease period or during the term of the lease, which affects the competitiveness of the company and the adaptation to dynamic market conditions,
  • a framework partnership agreement for companies that will adapt to the financial and marketing needs (from € 25,000 upwards); it actually allows the company an immediate use of the new equipment without checking the benefits and excessive administration.

Why operational leasing?

The downside of the lease:

The lessee credits the subject of leasing in capital assets, at the same time the total value of the subject of leasing is entered as a liability.

Entries in the assets and liabilities have a negative impact on the capital structure of the company`s balance. The relationship between the capital and liabilities also undermines the financial viability of the company (creditworthiness, worse credit ratings….). The lessee enters in financial leasing the amortisation and leasing costs, what negatively affects the business result and on the beneficiary note, creditworthiness, etc.

On one hand, by the operating lease, except the monthly leasing costs (monthly annuities) are no other costs, what does not undermine the capital structure in the balance, but it maintains it. On the other hand, it strengthens the competitive position of the company on the market, because the lessee uses the subject of the lease and therefore creates added value.

VAT is by the classic leasing not funded in advance, but is paid monthly by annuities. Ingoing VAT is charged on a monthly basis.

At the conclusion of the contract is the following information needed:

  • the name and surname of the responsible person or director,
  • a copy of the identity document and personal identification number,
  • ID for VAT legal entities,
  • fax number and phone number – of the contact perso,n
  • e-Mail address – of the contact person, the website address of the company,
  • bank account number and the bank information where the payments will be applied.